UBU presenting their work in BIOSYSMO & other projects in press

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Our partner Universidad de Burgos is working hard toward soil and water decontamination through the development of innovative and sustainable technologies. Dr Rocío Barros and Dr Blanca Velasco Arroyo introduced the BIOSYSMO Project in the Innovation magazine of the El Correo de Burgos newspaper, where they presented the various research groups participating in the BIOSYSMO international project seeking to develop innovative and sustainable technologies to decontaminate soils and waters. BIOSYSMO comes to give continuity of the research and the knowledge acquired in the field of bioremediation and phytoremediation by the different UBU groups. As Blanca Velasco explains, the objective of these technologies is to be able to take advantage of the capacity of the microbes that are present in the contaminated soil to “digest” this pollution, serve nutrients and thus cleans this soil. Special focus to the phytoremediation process was made, where the capacity that some plants have is exploited, as in the case of plants that grow on the banks of rivers, and are able to absorb metals and other compounds that exist in the water.