Pint of Science 2023

We are pleased to inform you that on May 23rd, the representatives, Blanca Velasco Arroyo and Rocío Barros, from  Universidad de Burgos, actively participated in the Pint of Science – Burgos event. Pint of Science is a renowned international science festival that brings researchers and the general public together in an informal setting to discuss and explore various scientific topics.

During the event, Blanca Velasco Arroyo and Rocío Barros, as representatives of the BIOSYSMO Project, shared insightful findings related to the project’s research objectives. Specifically, their presentations focused on highlighting the significance of understanding the microbiome in soil for the effective degradation of pollutants, as well as the utilization of plants for the removal of metals from water. 

We invite you to peruse the agenda of the Pint of Science – Burgos event for further details on the schedule and topics covered here. This agenda will provide you with a more comprehensive understanding of the range of discussions and presentations that took place during the event. For more in-depth information on the BIOSYSMO Project and the specific research presented by Blanca Velasco Arroyo and Rocío Barros, we encourage you to visit here. This online resource will offer you valuable information about the project’s objectives, methodologies, and achievements. We applaud their efforts in effectively communicating the importance of microbiome research and the potential applications of plant-based solutions in environmental remediation.

Please do not hesitate to explore the provided links for a more comprehensive understanding of the event and the research presented.

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