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On Tuesday 8 November 2022, Dr Lila Otero-Gonzalez, the BIOSYSMO project coordinator, gave a presentation at the MicroTechWeek workshop hosted by Jozef Stefan Institute in the framework of the SURFBIO and GREENER projects. During the workshop our project coordinator gave a brief overview of the project focusing on the goals, the inpacts and the collaborative work that will take place, aiming to develop and test bioremediation systems for improved removal of mixed pollutants.

The Microbial Technologies Week took place from 7 to 11 November and it was hosted physically and online for those willing to attend virtually. This event aimed brought together academia, industry, and policy makers across Europe, interested in the fields of surface and colloid biology, biotechnology, environmental protection, bioremediation technologies and more. The included an industrial workshop, a poster session and a hands-on lab training (open to the public), as well as project meetings, among other activities.

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