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We are proud to highlight the remarkable achievements of our esteemed colleagues, Alberto Soto Canas and Alondra Jiménez Pérez from ICCRAM – University of Burgos. On May 12th, they showcased their exceptional research topics as participants in the highly anticipated 3-Minute Thesis Competition.

With great enthusiasm and expertise, Alberto and Alondra presented their groundbreaking research, which directly aligns with the innovative objectives of the BIOSYSMO Project. The competition provided them with a unique opportunity to succinctly convey the significance and potential impact of their respective research endeavors.

Alberto Soto Canas captivated the audience with his compelling presentation, focusing on a research topic intricately connected to the BIOSYSMO Project. His exploration delved into the realm of bioremediation systems, specifically emphasizing the exploitation of synergies for enhanced removal of mixed pollutants. Through his engaging and concise delivery, Alberto effectively conveyed the potential of his research to revolutionize the field of bioremediation and contribute to a safer and more sustainable environment.

Equally remarkable was the contribution of Alondra Jiménez Pérez, who showcased her research findings during the competition. Alondra’s work centers around the development and optimization of cutting-edge biosystems that facilitate the biotransformation and uptake of targeted mixed pollutants in various environmental matrices, including water, soil, and sediments. Her presentation highlighted the tremendous potential of these biosystems to address complex pollution challenges and pave the way for improved environmental remediation strategies.

The 3-Minute Thesis Competition served as an outstanding platform for Alberto and Alondra to showcase their dedication, expertise, and commitment to advancing the goals of the BIOSYSMO Project. Their impressive performances not only garnered well-deserved recognition but also served as a testament to the exceptional talent and innovation present within our team.

We applaud Alberto Soto Canas and Alondra Jiménez Pérez for their remarkable achievements and their valuable contributions to the BIOSYSMO Project. Their participation in the 3-Minute Thesis Competition exemplifies the unwavering pursuit of excellence and the cutting-edge research endeavors that define our project.

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