Circular Talk: Bioremediation as an Effective Tool for a Clean Environment

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An exceptional opportunity awaits on September 12th, where the EU Bioremediation Cluster under the lead of Innowo presents the virtual event “Bioremediation as an Effective Tool for a Clean Environment.” This engaging assembly of experts, co-organised by BIOSYSMO alongside distinguished bioremediation clusters like SYMBIOREM, MIBIREM, Nymphe, ELECTRA, EiCLaR, and GREENER, promises to chart a path toward a cleaner, more sustainable world.


Circular Talks background

The EU Circular Talks, an initiative by the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform, serves as a vibrant forum for dialogue on circular economy concepts. Think of it as a hub where stakeholders engage in informative conversations to amplify the circular economy’s impact. Through diverse online events like workshops, seminars, and debates, participants explore the multifaceted dimensions of circularity. These discussions extend beyond the events, fostering ongoing dialogues through the platform’s communication channels.


But what is bioremediation?

Bioremediation emerges as a remarkable solution in the context of the circular economy. By harnessing living organisms like bacteria and fungi, bioremediation tackles pollution head-on. This natural process breaks down pollutants, revitalizing contaminated environments such as soil, water, and air. Crucially, bioremediation aligns with circular principles by facilitating resource recovery and minimizing waste generation. The synergy between microorganisms and pollutants unlocks reusable resources from various sources, steering us closer to a circular resource utilization model.

Secure your virtual seat at this transformative event by registering here and explore the event agenda here.