BioRemid 2023 Conference

The BIOSYSMO Project consortium, a collaborative group of researchers and experts in the field of bioremediation, recently participated in the BioRemid 2023 conference. This annual conference serves as a prominent platform for scientists, professionals, and stakeholders from the European Union (EU) bioremediation community to gather and exchange knowledge and insights on the latest advancements in the field.

During the conference, the BIOSYSMO Project consortium presented their research findings and shared their progress with attendees. Bioremediation, a process that utilizes biological organisms to neutralize or remove pollutants from the environment, has gained significant attention in recent years due to its potential for sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to address environmental contamination. The consortium’s participation allowed them to showcase their innovative approaches, methodologies, and technologies developed through the project. By engaging with the EU bioremediation community, they aimed to foster collaboration, gather feedback, and disseminate their findings to a broader audience. Participants had the opportunity to attend informative keynote speeches, panel discussions, and technical sessions, covering a wide range of topics related to bioremediation.

The conference website,, provides further details on the event, including program highlights, speakers, and additional resources for those interested in learning more about bioremediation and its applications.